30 08 2011

Hello and welcome to the newest forum for the global intermodal industry.

The transport and logistics industries have suffered from the global economic conditions and today many operators are faced with increasingly demanding objectives. It goes without saying that times are tough and running a profitable business is certainly a challenge. However, despite this, there are opportunities out there for intermodal operators, as lnés Ayala Sender MEP, Member of the European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism, recently highlighted at a special event, where he said: “Intermodality will be a key part of the solution to the huge logistic and environmental challenges the transport sector faces worldwide.”

As the organisers of the world’s leading event for container transport and logistics across the road, rail and sea, we have launched this Blog as a forum for you to debate the future of your industry. Whilst our Intermodal Europe event will take place from 29 November – 1 December 2011, this interactive forum will remain live as a place to hear from industry experts, learn about new business practices, innovative technology and case studies of successful operations.

As we all know, the freight industry is a dynamic and ever changing sector. In addition to implementing new government regulations, tackling environmental issues and improving security, businesses are also looking at the many different innovations that will allow them to grow in a highly competitive market. So, why have we launched this Blog? Well, it’s quite simple, we wanted to provide container transport and logistics professionals with a unique forum to help achieve all of the above. Hence, The Future of Intermodalism Blog was created.

We already have an exciting line up of guest bloggers confirmed for the next two months. Journalists from some of the Europe’s transport and logistics publications will share their thoughts on the current state of the industry and where the future lies. Whilst some of the most respected figures in intermodalism will present ideas for future successes and major companies in the sector will share their views on how shipping lines, rail operators, terminals and 3PLs can improve their operations.

We hope that you enjoy reading the many fascinating blogs that I’m sure will be posted on this site over the coming months. If you would like to become one of our Guest Bloggers please send us your details (adam@stormcom.co.uk) and we will be in touch.

Kind regards,
Sophie Ahmed
Editor of The Future of Intermodalism Blog
Event Director of Intermodal Europe 2011




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